Vaulted Ceiling Definition

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Vaulted definition vaulted merriamwebster, Define vaulted: built in the form of a vault : arched covered with a vault.
Vaulted ceiling home definition, Home definition of vaulted ceiling and related terms: a ceiling that angles upward on one or both sides to create volume in the room. . an arched ceiling.

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Vaulted ceiling century 21, View the definition of vaulted ceiling and preview the century 21 glossary of popular real estate terminology to help along your buying or selling process..

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What difference vaulted cathedral, The sides of cathedral ceilings have equal slopes reach to the highest peak of the room and attach to the roof trusses whereas vaulted ceilings have unequal sides meeting at a room’s high point. vaulted ceilings are usually the result of walls of unequal height in the same room..
Ceilings vaulted cathedral drummond house plans blog, Ceilings – vaulted or cathedral by architectural definition a cathedral ceiling is defined by symmetry with equal steeply sloping sides vaulted ceilings.