It's Singular: "We are constantly searching for excellence"

We interviewed Javier Martín, director of this company with headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Alicante and Ibiza, specializing in retail, with major projects among which are several dedicated to the pharmacy sector. The phrase that defines the philosophy of this study commits him to constantly evolve to adapt to the needs and demands of his clients. That's why he talks about Evolutionary Projects to explain his work.
How the studio It's singular was born and grows
It's singular was born from a strategic alliance between Concep and the studio of Javier Martín. Concep is a company that was born in 2008 with the objective of specializing in the pharmacy design sector, serving its clients nationwide. The Javier Martín Proyectos studio was an autonomous study of interior design of a local nature that began to collaborate with the company Concep from its beginnings in the projects of pharmacy offices in the Valencian Community, Murcia and Albacete. After eight years of collaboration and coexistence led both companies to take a step further and join in 2015 to create a new concept of interior design and reforms called, It's singular, to serve other retail sectors to national level merging both teams and philosophies.
What does your slogan, "Evolutionary Projects" mean?
Our slogan translated into Spanish means, "Evolutionary Projects" We believe that business is constantly evolving, so we think that, Just as business changes, our projects must be constantly changing or evolving, adapting to the needs and demands of the client, taking into account that a business must not only evolve in a balanced way in the space, but in the team , in the products, in its value-added services and in its management.

Bulevard de Aguadulce Pharmacy, Almería, It's Singular project [1 9659005] The study center is in Alicante but you have a delegation in Ibiza and a factory in Barcelona. How does this scheme work? How many professionals integrate your study and how do you divide the work?
It's singular is currently formed by a central office located in Parets del Vallés, Barcelona, ​​two branches, one in Alicante and one in Ibiza and 16 delegations spread over all the Spanish territory. In the central office reside more than thirty people of different disciplines; consultants, interior designers, architects, designers, assemblers, etc. where one works from the ideation, the design and the supply and manufacture of furniture. The branches are physical offices strategically located according to the demand, where four or eight technicians generally reside. The delegations are made up of technical personnel residing in a specific geographical area in order to respond to a notice quickly and efficiently.
Does the experience in design, construction, architecture and engineering, as well as corporate design, offer you advantages for your clients? ?
Yes, and I'll explain. Previously we collaborated with construction companies and technicians, to offer an integral or turnkey service to our client. With practice and with time, one realizes that the company policy that takes It's singular was not in line with the rest of the policies applied in the construction and technical, so we decided to absorb the various disciplines and create unilaterally, independent departments integrated in the same company. In this way the company is responsible for everything and that gives our customer a greater guarantee, quality and service.

Cervecería Bulevard, Puerto Santa Pola, Alicante
What does the search for excellence in a project mean?
When we attend a project, we try to demand the maximum possible both in the service and in the quality of the project. I think that good interior designers are perfectionists and nonconformists, so for us a project is never excellent, there is always "a but", so we always say that we are in constant pursuit of excellence.
Do you consider yourself a project specialist? retail sector pharmacies?
We consider ourselves specialists in the retail sector in general, although it is true that due to the demand of the sector and offering a clear differential value with respect to other companies, 80% of our projects have been generated practically from the health sector, of which 80% are 60% pharmacy offices.

Farmacia Fernández Novoa, Albacete

What is your methodology of work before a new project?
Our methodology Work covers the 360º of a retail project. This methodology is divided into several phases:
The first phase we call it ideation, where our consultants intervene to analyze previously the external and internal part of the business. Once we carry out the analysis, we elaborate a diagnosis and with this we design our client a differential strategic plan based on a series of interlinked actions that increase the probability of business success. The second phase is called design, where technicians from both the central and the zone intervene, to elaborate the project that has been designed.
The third and final phase is called execution, where all the tasks related to manufacturing are coordinated , reform or construction to carry out the project from beginning to end.
How important are the reforms?
The reforms are of vital importance in our work. Doing everything from It's singular contributes to our client, everything that anyone would expect from a reform; coordination, service, quality and warranty.