Excuses to stop time at the Salone de Milano

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I've been going to the Salone in Milan for many years now every April and the visit does not cease to amaze me as if it were the first. For me and perhaps for many of us who are dedicated to flutter around the flowers of the design to extract some nectar and take it to our respective pages, or whatever – the school year begins the week of Salone. Before, everything is obsolete and perishable, future fleeting, past waste, murky. After visiting the Salone the light is made and we see clearly what this year is about. How the interiors of the season will be and, possibly, if we are observers, of the coming years; what materials are going to surround us with their arms, what forms come close to our sensibility, what will our environment look like if we like it to look healthy and promising. We return from Salone with the feeling of having visited the Casa del Futuro.
Clover de Alivar

The most difficult thing starts there: you have to explain it, put into words what, basically, are sensations. Yes … there are new and old materials, forms of work, style trends, technical innovations, little things that can be explained in black on white. But what about the emotions? And that indefinable that the great designers transmit with a stroke, in the curve of the backrest of a chair, on the textured surface of a dresser, in a semi-illuminated environment? Oh … How difficult it is to convey all that.

Design by Fabio Novembre for Cappellini

I admit feeling a little envious of my colleagues the technological journalists, who have nothing more than to explain in an intelligible way the technical advances of the latest Smartphone and already have the chronicle of its fair. And the same goes for those who are dedicated to scientific or technical issues. I'm thinking about the motor world, the food industry, advanced technologies, robotics, and even the long-awaited world of cinema. Technical advances are the key to the progress of the sector as they bring a plus of novelty and motivation to the industry, in addition to pushing through research always forward.

Aura de Treku
I read with interest the new contributions of these advances, as far as my understanding capacity goes and I learn that the future of communications and the company will depend on things like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence , 3D printers and the Internet of Things. Attentive to the play. Everything is going very fast, the world is accelerating and we are accustomed to adapt on the way to the new without having fully assimilated what has already become obsolete after one or two seasons. A two-year smartphone is already old: this is the current technology.
Cyborg de Magis

But after Milan I do not have that feeling of vertigo that the world in general and the news in particular produces me. After Milan I return home with my head full of images that inspire me with calm, quiet and introspection. I try to explain everything that I have seen and only come to my mind projections of delayed moments in front of a cup of coffee, evenings on the couch and walks in the garden at sunset. Time passes slowly and that is precisely the essence of the best we have seen this year in the show. Magnificent excuses to stop time. Objects and instruments designed to pass slowly, so that life slows down before a cup of tea that smokes.

Stua sewing

That is the contribution of furniture design and spaces to a better life, against the current of everything that pushes us forward very quickly following the indisputable logic of progress. That is the greatness of the design and taste of this year's nectar.