Enjoy: ceramics for a restaurant aimed at the 5 senses

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The customer is introduced to the premises while the service staff explains the details of the interior design. Only for that detail the restaurant deserves a prize. But, in addition, it is receiving all of this sector.

After consolidating and consolidating the restaurant Share in Cadaqués, the cooks Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, who for years, worked as key pieces in the kitchen creative of elBulli together with Ferran Adrià, premiered its second gastronomic space in Barcelona under the name of Disfrutar. It is a unique space designed by The Creative Team.
The atmosphere of the restaurant is inspired directly by the Mediterranean and the city of Barcelona. As elements of construcci main ceramics and plaster have been used, that worked in different ways create the spaces of the restaurant : the zone of entrance, with a bar and tables with capacity for about twenty people; the kitchen -which will be visited by the customers-, and the main dining room with capacity for about fifty people.

The ceramics accompany throughout the tour, bringing the values ​​it seeks to convey: naturalness, humility and respect for history and heritage from the Mediterranean. But in each of the spaces it is transformed into a new material that helps to endow each area with uniqueness.
The access area looks for urban references, like the metallic structures of the Ninot market located across the street and uses the ceramics in a colorful, almost artistic way, with monochromatic tile planes that wrap as if a large deconstructed "Mironian" mural was about.

The kitchen is the oven, real and metaphorical, the space where all the stories of the house are cooked. Ceramics in its most humble and crude format, freshly baked pieces of brick in their original earth color build a permeable limit to the client's view and show the interior of this oven, golden and hot.

A through the entrails of the kitchen you reach the main dining room, a large and luminous space that visually blends with the terrace and allows you to decompress your look and the spirit, transporting it out of the city, to a more natural environment. White surrounds walls, ceilings and floors, surfaces that are pierced through a chaotic order, as if it were a Mediterranean town.

As assured by their owners, the Enjoy Restaurant does not pretend to be a replica of , it is a different concept, although there are inherent aspects that are going to be present.

ENJOY . Villarroel 163, 08036 Barcelona
Project : The Creative Team. Oliver Franz Schmidt, Natali Canas del Pozo, Lucas Echeveste Lacy. Ramón Turró, 11 5th. 08005 Barcelona
Collaborators: J. Marcos Feijóo, Anna Martínez, Cristòfol Tauler, Néstor Veloso, Anna Serra, Cristina Huguet, Clara Manchón.
Lighting Designer : The Invisible.
Installer builder : Grupo Arteco.
Photographs: Adrià Goula.