Vaulted Ceiling Meaning

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Vaulted definition vaulted merriamwebster, Define vaulted: built in the form of a vault : arched covered with a vault.
Vaulted define vaulted dictionary., Constructed or covered with a vault as a building or chamber. 2. provided with a vault. 3. resembling a vault: the vaulted sky. origin of vaulted..

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What vaulted, Definition of vaulted in the dictionary. meaning of vaulted. what does vaulted mean information and translations of vaulted in the most comprehensive.

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Vaulted ceiling (home) definitionmeaning online, Vaulted ceiling topic:home online encyclopedia what is what everything you always wanted to know.
Cathedral ceiling definition cathedral ceiling , Define cathedral ceiling: a high ceiling that has two sides that slant downwards from a pointed top.