Vaulted Ceiling Meaning

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Vaulted definition vaulted merriamwebster, Define vaulted: built in the form of a vault : arched covered with a vault.
Vaulted ceiling home definition, Home definition of vaulted ceiling and related terms: a ceiling that angles upward on one or both sides to create volume in the room. . an arched ceiling.

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Vaulted definition vaulted free dictionary, Define vaulted. vaulted synonyms vaulted pronunciation vaulted translation english dictionary definition of vaulted. vault1 top to bottom: barrel groin and rib.

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What vaulted, Definition of vaulted in the dictionary. meaning of vaulted. what does vaulted mean information and translations of vaulted in the most comprehensive.
Vault (architecture) wikipedia, Vault (french voƻte from italian volta) is an architectural term for an arched form used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof. the parts of a vault exert lateral thrust that requires a counter resistance..