Vaulted Ceiling Baffles

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How important baffles attic insulation home, Rafters. if you want to insulate the rafter bays rather than the attic floor in order to make the attic a heated space baffles are even more important for proper air.
How build insulated cathedral ceiling, How to build an insulated cathedral ceiling whether you decide to make it vented or unvented get the details right — because every cathedral ceiling offers.

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How to build an insulated cathedral ceiling | Source:

Nc state building codes amendments effective 1/1/2016, 1 nc state building codes amendments effective 1/1/2016 (adopted september 2014 through june 2015) (note: some amendments may indicate earlier effective dates).

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How calculate attic vent area needed adding soffit, Read on to find out how to calculate the amount of vent area needed for your attic..
Homes tea2 architects, Most desert homes are an expanse of white stucco ending in sky. we look at it more holistically: solid versus void light versus mass..