The ugliest designs of 2015, about tastes there is nothing written?

Ugly designs is not a compilation of attacks on aesthetic dignity, but an absolutely subjective selection of failed attempts, of mistakes and sticks of blindness in a path, always uncertain, towards the correct response to the sensitivity of consumers. Our deepest respect for everything that appears in this selection and its authors, as well as for the opinions that do not agree with the selected. Nothing is more debatable than that which appeals to aesthetic emotions, and design always has one foot in them and another in engineering … that is its greatness. And its weak point.
About tastes there is nothing written? False: here goes this document that accredits it … Suggestions are accepted.

An indigestible crossing between Luis XV and the Sonoran desert that now produces the company Woh & Co. Long live Zapata!

Pelle & Ossa, skin and bones in Italian, is the name of this decidedly anorexic seat proposed by the firm Opinion Ciatti with some bad taste.

Count Dracula also has a social life and needs a sofa to attend to visitors . Better watch the neck.
We could call Chestercake this thing that confuses design with gastronomy. Do not let Daviz Muñoz see it because he buys it for DiverXo.

The company Bocadolobo needed a jewel in its catalog and commissioned the design of this Esmeralda-shaped container called … Emerald. Who would say it?

We do not know what English cabinetmaker Edward Johnson had taken on the day he designed this piece of furniture that produces bad news, but it was not a soda.

It was necessary to sanctify these three gentlemen and put them on a plate to give it to grandma? It takes bad milk, Andrea Maestri …

It is assumed that the head of this Koket bed is a reference to passion, but rather it looks like Lucifer's cot. The paws, the fringes and the padding give it a very romantic coffin look.

Nooo …! Johny is the name of this wardrobe that offers as a handle a huge silicone penis, very badly placed to be able to say that it is a multipurpose piece of furniture. Andrea Maestri is the suspect responsible for Johny.

The Ku kux klan watches you from this nasty little lamp of the disturbing Andrea Maestri. We do not know if there is a version in purple for Easter.

A black bathtub that detaches from a block of stone in which there is a vein of gold … There is no silly metaphor of luxury that this one of Maison Valentina.

The Bookcase of Modern Furniture is an artifact destined to leave the visitors speechless. A good ham makes the same effect and is not so unsightly.

The Mandibutaca or Sillóndrilo is very scary but, as you can see there are people for everything. This has been born by a firm that responds to the name of Porky Hefer.

Repellent pouf by Virginia Baker, homage to Habba the Jut, or similar.

Newton is called this console in the form of DNA sequence sectioned by a butcher without scruples. It's a nightmare courtesy of Bocadolobo.

The luminous superpulp has escaped from a traveling fair attraction to threaten the horses with their tentacles. It's from Virginia Baker.

Cappellini, a cutting-edge design company from prosapia, is also exposed to throwing braces like this copper armchair just for the brave.

To the unfriendly coldness of the methacrylate with legs we put a cushion back leopard and the result is this nonsense that sells Portobello Street without complexes.

We imagine the creator of this stool one afternoon in a boring bakery with some macarons and some toothpicks playing designers … It presents Portobello Street. [19659022] The Polish Niebiski, probably in love with ET, has created this squishy and sympathetic armchair for the delight of bizarre lovers.

You have to remove the plates with determination, if you do not want to eat your hand this comfortable Errazuriz Sebastian.

An armchair design that goes to the ass, literally. It is from the Polish company Wamhouse and the words are too many.