The best architectures with aluminum

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The 2015 edition of the Palmarés Architecture Aluminum Technal Iberia awards those works that best reflect the joint work of architects and industrialists, good architecture and good execution, creativity and a job well done. The jury, chaired by Antonio Cruz Cruz Ortiz study, valued seventy-seven works in the four categories of the contest: Living, Discovering Work and Renew.

The Prize is awarded Habitar to the work TR House in Barcelona "for its spatiality, criteria and rigor in the Design and the great expressiveness in the application of the materials. It emphasizes the protection of the content while integrating perfectly in its environment. "
The jury gives a mention Habitar to the work BHome" for being an example of minimal housing, where construction has been faithful to the reason of being of the project. Minimum volume, easy to air-condition, pleasant interior spaces with adequate proportion between light, views and opaque zones ". A second mention to Casa Wit "for being a rigorous exercise with a series of concise resources with which a bright and well-resolved domestic space has been created. A rational project suited to the environment. "

The Palmarés of the Discovering category is awarded to the work Hípica La Llena "for the stratification of very powerful uses, using the cover flown as an integrating element. It is also very interesting to use durable materials, local and very easy maintenance. "
The jury gives a mention to the work Hotel Epic Sana" for the implementation in the field very reasonable, responding to what was requested in the program. Integration in the environment, maximization of views ". It grants a second mention to the work Fuente Fuente De "for being a very honest project for the enclave in which it stands, with a very simple construction but of quality and rigorous with the mission for which it has been built

The Paláres of the category "Work at the Building Technical Administrative Building EDP " is awarded for having an attractive volume due to the serenity of its language and expression. It is an electric company that gives its ground floor as a public outdoor space. Good integration in the environment, between the city and the park. Durable and very easy maintenance materials: concrete and glass ". Mentions, in this category for the Rehabilitation and interior design for San Severo street offices in Madrid and for the Deltebre Tourism Development Center.

The jury unanimously decides to vacate the prize list of the Renew category and grant two mentions: to the work Grand Cruz Porto and the Reform of a house in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona (top image).