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Niall Horan Dirty Imagines The Teacher Wattpad

A collection of Dirty Imagines of Niall found on Tumblr **Rated R** … I took out my book and set it on the desk, and the moment I looked up, I saw Niall Horan, our English teacher, walk in. … There was a general murmur among the students, and we all know no one had really stu.d at all. Niall … Read this story for FREE!

Teachers Pet Niall Horan Band Blurbs Tumblr

Aug 8, 2015 – Teacher's Pet (Niall Horan) Requested: yes maybe do a one swhere Niall is an exchange teacher from Ireland or something and likes one of his students lol … Imagines, blurbs, and pretty much stories that you would enjoy ….. Sure, I was the only one in my group of friends that hadn't had . …

Sired To You Niall Imagine Dirty The Teacher

You pranked the teachers, made fun of them and had got detention several times. … When someone nudged you from the back, you looked up and saw Mr. Horan pointing at you. … “No, just wanted to know the name of a beautiful student. … #Niall Horan #Niall dirty imagine #one direction #one direction dirty imagines.

Teacher Niall Part 1 By Misshoranstyles1d On Deviantart

Jul 24, 2013 – I heard Mister Horan saying the grades to the other students. … "Niall…" I moaned soft. He kissed my neck soft, right on the soft spot. ….. It's getting a bit dirty now, so i've warned you 😉 …. Right now, just one story under you outside your window, a freezing and quite angry troll is demanding entrance to your …