Elc Studyzone Level 330

Click on a topic to see the lessons and exercises. click on the lesson to begin. to see all lessons and exercises in the menu, click on the "show all" button..Http://www.bcbe.org/download.asp?l=1&lmid=&pn=documentuploads&divisionid=828&departmentid=&subdepartmentid=&subp=&act=download&t=1&i=23413.

Http://www.bcbe.org/download.asp?l=1&lmid=&pn=documentuploads&divisionid=828&departmentid=&subdepartmentid=&subp=&act=download&t=1&i=23413.En esta leccion con audio aprenderemos los usos y las reglas del present simple tense. el presente simple se usa para rutinas habitos y dar informaciĆ³n.

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